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Jesus, a little bit wild?
27 September, 2011, 11:52 pm
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Browsing through SheLoves Magazine online, I came across this post written by Kelly Johnson-Nikondeha (posted 15 Feb. 2011).

 Not too long ago my seven-year-old son approached me, saying: “I am scared of Jesus, Mom.”

My immediate response was, “Why?”

“Well, Jesus is a little bit wild,” he said.

The essence of Jesus. He didn’t see things (and does not) how we see them. Kelly wrote ‘He see importance where we see insignificance. , He names hypocrisy where we boast religiosity, He models non-violence when we would sanction violence to protect a beloved friend. Jesus upends so many of our long-held assumptions about the world and even His Kingdom, that it can be unsettling–like tables turned, coins scattered and bird feathers gone amuck like confetti cluttering the air.’

Kelly concluded that the more she thought about her son’s epiphany, the deeper truth she came was that Jesus is ‘a lot wild’. After confessing her view of Jesus as a pastel, domesticated type she then goes on to list some marks of wildness she has seen in Jesus: He challenges who I love, pushing me to the extreme of loving my enemies. He pushes me to extend the guest list at my partiesHe forces me to rethink my politics. He even confronts me with economic realities.  

‘…as one who lives in bright colors with a mischievous glint in His eyes. He is an untamed savior who knocks over our sacred cows and church bells as He demonstrates what God’s Kingdom is really all about. It is wild–and it is good. And, yes, it is a little bit scary, too.’

now, isn’t that somethin’…it is wild–and it is good. -c

To read Kelly’s full post, click the link. http://shelovesmagazine.com/2011/jesus-a-little-bit-wild/


30 August, 2011, 11:24 pm
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today, my silly friend Shelby and i were cracking up at Carpe Diem (one of my fav local ‘friend’ shoppes—keep reading, you’ll get it later). We decided to replace the word ‘coffee’ with the word ‘friend’. basically, we were saying we spend so much time with coffee…preparing it, drinking it, enjoying its company…that is could be known as a close friend. so, here we are, left with this image AND off we go on a tangent, scrambling for every possibly statement we could laugh at.

some of the best phrases include:

“do you have sugar with your friend?”
“I’d like a tall, dark and extra-hot friend, please.”
“sometimes i like my friend in bed.”
“waking up with friends”
“meet me at the friend shoppe later.”
“I’d like a small friend”
“i need multiple friends a day”

yeah, you get it. HILARIOUS stuff.
any good ones you can think of? -c.

WONDERful time of the year…
24 December, 2010, 12:32 am
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i’d like to share with you, reader friend, an excerpt from Zach Hunter’s blog post ‘Winter Wonder’. (zachhunter.wordpress.com) his writings are beautiful and inspiring. i do believe he hit the nail right on the head with this one…

Christmas time. Every year, for a short period of time, our inner child is given permission to come out of their room. This time of year, the lights are brighter, and the fragrances call up memories deeply imprinted in our hearts. This time of year, our yards are Hallmark cards, and our love is a black-and-white movie. Jesus is born and a Child is King.

now isn’t that just lovely? Thanks, Zach for writing in such a way that can bring tears to one’s eyes. Now, may your days be merry and bright. Merry Christmas! -c