Oh, the places…

20 May, 2010, 4:15 am
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So the last few weeks of silence have been some of the most amazing. I was given a couplet of job opportunity but both were only windows. For I had to let them go in only a short time. From those two, however, I was given the chance to explore & see places outside of the Hills (living in Baulkham Hills area is fun, but not the most accessible to city or sand). Adventurous discovery, i tell YA. The train, buses, and ferry rides are all that in itself. Timetables+platforms+stands+wharfs all are apart of the journey to get to where one wants to go when using the public transport of Sydney. Ha, you can imagine how frustrating it is when you are 10 minutes early and the bus is 10 minutes late OR worse, you are a measly 30 seconds too late. That has happened, yes. After realizing the next 616X city’s will come around shortly—releasing+discarding that momentary frustration— i turned up the volume to the goodness playing on the old-faithful iPod (Mute Math is a favorite day-starter)and nodded to the beat. Anyway, after an 8-hour day of training in Glebe(one my absolute favorite places i have discovered) and a fundraising day at the city Town Hall Steps, I had had enough of the UNICEF campaigning. I had prayed before coming to ‘stralia that the Lord would put me in a job situation with a non-profit. PRAYER ANSWERED! Amen. I couldn’t ignore the fact that the Spirit inside knew, by the end of the 3 day season I would soon be lead to another door (i will know it when i see it). After wishing my supervisor the very best and saying “so-long” to new friends, I found the ferry leading to the Northern Manly Beach. FINAAAALLLY! After two unsuccessful attempts to the beach, I was on my way. As the old saying goes, “3rd time’s a charm”. Now, I understand those words don’t always ring true but in this circumstance…it is golden.

And it was one of the greatest experiences yet. I was doing what I had so much wanted to do, go the flipping beach. 🙂 Sitting next to me on the ferry boat, Theresa shared with me stories and answers to my built-up curiosity; I told her she comes from a beautiful country and encouraged her to see more than the ride along the Bay. That afternoon was a pleasant one indeed. I saw the sunset from Manly Wharf & while waiting for the return ferry, I ate a spring roll & a curry puff from the freshest thai pick-up-and-go kind of place. I then sampled hazelnut gelato from the sweetest vendor. All was okay in the world.

The remaining days in the week of leisure were so peaceful. I spent my days at the southern beaches: Bondi, Tamarama, and Bronte Beach. I found a slice of heaven. Honestly, the shoppes and the cafes are picturesque and the company is quite nice. I think I’ll keep that place in my pocket. I loved it and returned 3 more times on that beloved multi-pass. Needless to say, I will go back. On the Friday, i drove for the 1st time EVER out of the United States of America. ha, yes! left side of the road+right side of the car. It was unforgettable, i tell you. Saturday was lovely, spent with my gorgeous friend Amy.

There are so many stories to tell of the places and friendly encounters I’ve had in the short time i’ve been here. Words cannot express the contentment and joy, joy, JOY i am experiencing. Dreams and hopes and visions and expectations are high. Groundbreaking things, under the surface now, will soon be revealed. I love to see what’s going on in the Church. Epic things are about take place. Pray and seek the Lord, people!!! The Kingdom of God is within us. -c

‘Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’


seeing the sights.
3 May, 2010, 5:24 am
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YEAMAN(Bridge)…today was incredible. Blue Mountanes with Phil, Emma and James. Leura, 3 Sisters, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls. SO neat. true gems. My heart was overwhelmed. there were bits i feel like were left along those town streets and on the overlook at 3 Sisters. the kind of places i like the most. perfect in a sense. the shoppes: the two words ‘quaintness’ and ‘eccentricity’ come to mind. two opposing yet balancing ideas.  the antique shoppes (books and books and books @Mr. Pennington’s) weren’t necessarily eccentric but the employees made up for it. the uniqueness was most charming.

photographs to be posted as soon as i get that USB from mom and dad. it was really a great day, saw the sweetest little places and made new friends.-c