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29 April, 2010, 4:35 am
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Tola son of Puah, the son of Dodo, rose to save Israel. (Judges 10:1,2)

Now imagine, being the son of the man named Puah and Dodo…not a very good name lineage. Tola in the Hebrew means ‘worm’. That’s a shot to the self-esteem. A worm is from the ground, lives in the dirt, can’t do much of anything. But when you tap on the dirt it moves upward to the vibration; it hears and feels the ground shaking. When the rains come, the little worm rises to the surface.

Tola rose to save Israel. Even with a name literally meaning worm, He rose to the occasion. There was adversity. God was killing and repaying men for their wickedness. It was not a good time in the land. Yet Tola, in the challenges and in a time when life was “throwing dirt”, rose up. He used the dirt to stand. The dirt didn’t bury him.

There are things in life that one could think were meant to destroy him. You say “man, that was scary. I nearly died out there. Let’s not let that happen again. I was hurt by that.” You would just like to run as fast as you can to get as far away as you can before it—whatever it is—gets you. Maybe God has allowed these things for you to rise up & run through. Things you once ran from, you can now run through.

There is something that takes place that turns fear to confidence. Adversity to authority. Somedays one might think ‘who am I to do such great things? I don’t have the gifts these beautiful people around me have. I can’t do it. I feel wormy and worthless.’ To believe those lies would destroy a man’s purposeful life. Jesus has gone before us, we can rise up. -c


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Beautiful, Carley!!! My mother told me as a child, “That a worm in the garden, makes for beautiful flowers!” Guess that’s how God sees it too. I love you.

Comment by Sandy

We are so proud of you our litttle worm.
As high as the sky and back.
you know. m&d

Comment by po

i can’t believe you just called me a little worm…

Comment by carlssong

I was meaning it in an absolute good way!

Comment by po

It’s your old Scotland mission team buddy! I wish I could fly over and join you. Your posts are inspiring! Heather, Rob, and I are praying for you! Heather wants to know how much lamb you have eaten so far, and she and I are jealous of you (lol). Keep on posting!

Lots of love and prayers,

Comment by Gina

Gina! Hi. So wonderful hearing from you. My mom was telling me of the great success at the missions yard sale! WOO! Thanks for the encouraging words and for the prayers, as well. I think of you guys often. People around here ask what I did in Scotland; I love sharing the stories. Tell Heather I have yet to eat any lamb but will have some soon. with mint sauce. Tell Rob & Heather hello for me! Praying with you guys about your trip! Hate I’m missing out but good things are happening all over the globe. YES!

Comment by carlssong

Just came across this and it touched me, a lot.
My name’s Tola, although it’s an Nigerian name, short for Omotola which means a child is up to wealth.
Never realised the hebrew meaning of Tola was worm. It just goes to show that God in His infinite wisdom can make anybody a somebody no matter the lineage or name translation! 🙂

Thanks for that…

Comment by Tola

Beautiful. I am so glad it meant something. Thank YOU! You have a God-intended purpose to know, through Christ Jesus.

Tola, you are special & loved. Have a lovely day, friend.

Comment by carlssong

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