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words of the day.
28 April, 2010, 4:32 am
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The word of the day screen saver is quite genius. These words just so happened to sweep across the computer screen at the best of times.

Word Number One (1): sovereignty- n., supreme power or authority

Word Number Two (2): imminent– adj., about to happen; overhanging

Pretty spot on, wouldn’t you say? God is in control; something extraordinary is brewing. And it’s not just the coffee at my new job. -c


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pretty spot on! ha, the aussie lingo coming out in you. but…yes, i agree, pretty spot on!

Comment by po

job. got one. met some people from Compassion International today…lovely people… and met another guy just sitting right next to me just now who handed me a business card for a thing called the fundraising people. go to it on the site http://www.thefundraisingpeople.com.au. Abba is taking care of me.

Comment by carlssong

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