Oh, the places…

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17 April, 2010, 1:27 am
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I live near cows. Someone in this neighborhood has decided to base a farm in their backyard. This is awful to say, but i wonder if there is an annual neighborhood BBQ….? haha,  just sayin’. -c


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Carley – it is good to know that your faith is strong – during the time of pruning, and burning away the chaff, God goes to the very core of our being and reshapes us in His image and as He “wills” us to be. You are growing strong and will be growing stronger in the Lord because of your willingness to listen to his voice and step out on faith. That takes courage! I admire your willingness to be used by the Lord – and your courage to go where you felt He was leading you. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I love you, girl and I know that God will use you in Australia. Remember when you get to missing home, that we are all missing home cause this place we are now is just a wayside! Keep up your writing – it is good to hear from you — and putting thoughts and feelings to paper gives you more insight into your strengths and weaknesses — it also helps us to pray specifically when we know what you need. 🙂 Love you,

Comment by Terry

You made a very good point, about us all being away from Home. That is such a wonderful thing to remember. I’m really enjoying writing down my thoughts and sharing them with whoever chooses to read this. Love you. And thanks for the prayers!

Comment by carlssong

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