Oh, the places…

tiring yet beneficial
15 April, 2010, 3:48 am
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I was missing home today. It hit me like a falling piano from a 15 story building…a complete surprise. WAM! After a pancake breakfast with a few housemates, I got to my room with welling tears in my eyes. Before I left the dining room table, I simply voiced “I miss home.”

According to my friend, Phil, it was about that time; he said he was expecting the text soon. I took it easy the remainder of the day. I walked to Gloria Jean’s for an iced coffee and some free wifi. Phil works right across the street so when he was done for the day he stopped over for some chat. Quality stuff, I will say. Hebrews 12 was mentioned. This is a time of discipline. Not because God is angry with me but because he loves me so much. It is in the desert that Moses heard directly from God, that miracles for survival were performed (manna and quail), water flowed from a rock, and where Jesus had some of his most intense encounters with the Father. It is in this place I am reminded that God is crazy about me, about us. He is pruning me. Painless, it is not. It says in verse 11 of Hebrews 12 that it would be painful; there is hope yet, it continues on to promise a harvest of righteousness and peace. Allow the training to takes its course. Endure hardships, to strengthen feeble arms and weak knees. I’ve got some (spiritual) muscle to build.

With all the walking I’m doing, I’m hoping to build some physical endurance and muscle as well. Can I get an “AMEN!”? -c


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good stuff carleyboo…good stuff.

Comment by jennie

you maka me cry! I LOVE YOU as high as the sky and back.

Comment by pat o'neal

mommy, please don’t cry….love you as high as the sky.

Comment by carlssong

OH…the growing pains!!! Or as your mom and I have shared…MorphingTime!! Love you Carley!!

Comment by Sandy Lockwood

Was reading your blog this morning and would like to share with a student at University of Mobile who will be away from home for the summer. Keri is also called to missions and I see in you emotion in your writing that she too will experience shortly. You are a very good communicator! Love reading what you write and will steady pray for you..Love

Comment by Kitty Pinion

Oh that’s great. Please do share this with Keri. Thank you for the compliment and prayers, Mrs. Kitty. All my love.

Comment by carlssong

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