Oh, the places…

HERE I am.
9 April, 2010, 4:04 am
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Well, I am here. I have been for 6 days now. The place is becoming more familiar; the people are becoming friends. So my next step: get a JOB. I’m already victorious in the search but it’s the seeking out that is the thing. “Do whatcha gotta do.” And so I shall. I have applied for my Australian tax file number, which should arrive in the next couple weeks. Praise to come later when the grueling interview process is finished and my bank account is on the up. Joy in the journey, right? That is what I am finding. Eternal joy. The kind that only comes from above, melted down into my heart. I’m being taken places that I otherwise would not have found. So HERE I am. In Sydney, Australia learning the ways of God and growing in faith+hope+love. One thing that I have been doing lately is looking through my Greek+Hebrew study Bible and finding the origins of words throughout scripture. It is really neat. I’ll sometimes tattoo them on my wrist or foot…kinda like speaking it over myself and making it part of me. Wrist deco, so far, includes: perseverance and strength. Foot deco: peace and love.  While doing that, I, 9 times out of 10, listen to The Sleep Design’s album ‘All That Is Not Music Is Silence’. MY goodness, those guys are truly gifted musicians!! They have become a favorite. The song I find myself replaying again and again is ‘You Are My Home’. ha, ironically enough.  I am almost 18 hours and 14,494 km (9,000 miles) away from Alabama, CHYEAH it would be THE song. But in that song I am declaring it as this: “Jesus, YOU are my home. No matter how physically far away I am from the familiar places I know so well, You are near.” I can rest in that epic truth and I know that He is not far off. He carries me close to his heart (Isaiah 40:11). More importantly, I am devoting to be close to him(Jeremiah 21:21). So the discomfort from being without my family and dear friends is muted by the peace from Yahweh. The peace that comes in knowing I’m not here for this season by mistake. I’m uncertain about a few things but I said ‘yes’. I irrefutably believe that I will not be left in the dark; in this time of knocking and seeking, I have a Guide that knows my next step. He will lead me to the find (Matthew 7:7,8). The capacity for reasoning will come later— that is not how we see (Matthew 11:25). For now, I see like a child. –c

have a listen:http://www.myspace.com/thesleepdesign


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By faith and not sight, right? Funny, i wrote about such things when i was in Europe. I know how you feel. Especially in regards to Houston. I felt so far away from everyone else. SoI just devoted myself to be close to Him like Jeremiah. Once your devoted Cahley, there’s no turning back. Growth will be explosive like lightning!!

Comment by bryce

You are in the center of God’s will, the only place to be! You are in “The Today” with Him and sounds like heaven in Australia with the very best “Friend” in the universe…… I am so excited for you! Lifting you up in prayer and your Mom and Dad…..Please follow up with any specific requests……Am praying for a job and His continued shower of blessings.
Love, Kitty

Comment by Kitty Pinion

carley i am so so encouraged by your blog!
i want you yo know how much i look up to you. i am so excited to see how He is going to use you. keep updating! i love you 🙂

Comment by emilee merritt

“Yes”…is what HE desires!!! Be obedient, Carley and enjoy the adventure He has planned just for you! I love you!!

Comment by Sandy Lockwood

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