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4 April, 2010, 5:14 am
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it has begun, this monstrous adventure opposite the world i am used to. it’s not so different, there is still internet, coffee shops, and paved road. i could be somewhere where those things are fairy tales; that place i do desire but that is meant for some time down the road. with a window seat and an empty one at my side (FAVOUR), I was on my way. i arrived 8:30 am to a long customs line filled with faces from all corners, a line that moved quite swiftly and GLORY, a new one opened up and i was the first in line. FAVOUR. “Have a g’day, Cahley” said the nice Australian Immigration and Customs worker. The shining sun and a good friend’s smiling face welcomed me to this city. it is gorgeous. I am exactly where I need to be for God to do what he wills.

and so begins the journey, and adventure, of a lifetime. -c


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And I think of the road that has been traveled thus far in your life…I10 to Texas and south to Mexico. How God has woven the hwys and biways into this intricate beautiful pattern that now leads to Australia, how perfect is that? Soak it all in Carley and know that you have been blessed with great FAVOUR !! I love you and can hardly wait to see what God has in store for you next!!! sl

Comment by Sandy Lockwood

G’day Cahley:) well just goes to show that you can travel 9,000 miles away from home and still not be able to escape the favor of Yahweh. When He loves you, He loves you all the way. Never can begin an adventure without him!!

Comment by bryce


So happy to hear that you have arrived safely on the other side of the world! I have been praying for you and especially today 4/10/10. Soo excited for you ! Can’t wait to hear of the miracles that God will take you through. He even allows us to participate with Him!
God bless you.

Comment by Kitty Pinion

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