Oh, the places…

29 April, 2010, 4:35 am
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Tola son of Puah, the son of Dodo, rose to save Israel. (Judges 10:1,2)

Now imagine, being the son of the man named Puah and Dodo…not a very good name lineage. Tola in the Hebrew means ‘worm’. That’s a shot to the self-esteem. A worm is from the ground, lives in the dirt, can’t do much of anything. But when you tap on the dirt it moves upward to the vibration; it hears and feels the ground shaking. When the rains come, the little worm rises to the surface.

Tola rose to save Israel. Even with a name literally meaning worm, He rose to the occasion. There was adversity. God was killing and repaying men for their wickedness. It was not a good time in the land. Yet Tola, in the challenges and in a time when life was “throwing dirt”, rose up. He used the dirt to stand. The dirt didn’t bury him.

There are things in life that one could think were meant to destroy him. You say “man, that was scary. I nearly died out there. Let’s not let that happen again. I was hurt by that.” You would just like to run as fast as you can to get as far away as you can before it—whatever it is—gets you. Maybe God has allowed these things for you to rise up & run through. Things you once ran from, you can now run through.

There is something that takes place that turns fear to confidence. Adversity to authority. Somedays one might think ‘who am I to do such great things? I don’t have the gifts these beautiful people around me have. I can’t do it. I feel wormy and worthless.’ To believe those lies would destroy a man’s purposeful life. Jesus has gone before us, we can rise up. -c


words of the day.
28 April, 2010, 4:32 am
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The word of the day screen saver is quite genius. These words just so happened to sweep across the computer screen at the best of times.

Word Number One (1): sovereignty- n., supreme power or authority

Word Number Two (2): imminent– adj., about to happen; overhanging

Pretty spot on, wouldn’t you say? God is in control; something extraordinary is brewing. And it’s not just the coffee at my new job. -c

This one is for you, Mom.
22 April, 2010, 4:40 am
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chips & salsa for dinner last night. Thinking of you and Daddy today. all my love-c

20 April, 2010, 3:33 am
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I believe there are many things we don’t receive simply because we don’t ask. Let’s remember God is a giving God. He loves to show us graces through gifts/blessings/friends/a job promotion. We just gotta ask. There are things we don’t ask for and can be seen as His favour.

My mom sent me an email telling me of unique favour. Unique it was, and only from above. Beautiful how God knows what is to come, even when we don’t see the logic of the present. Let’s keep trusting and asking the one who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. (Eph. 3:20) -c

local stock
17 April, 2010, 1:27 am
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I live near cows. Someone in this neighborhood has decided to base a farm in their backyard. This is awful to say, but i wonder if there is an annual neighborhood BBQ….? haha,  just sayin’. -c

tiring yet beneficial
15 April, 2010, 3:48 am
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I was missing home today. It hit me like a falling piano from a 15 story building…a complete surprise. WAM! After a pancake breakfast with a few housemates, I got to my room with welling tears in my eyes. Before I left the dining room table, I simply voiced “I miss home.”

According to my friend, Phil, it was about that time; he said he was expecting the text soon. I took it easy the remainder of the day. I walked to Gloria Jean’s for an iced coffee and some free wifi. Phil works right across the street so when he was done for the day he stopped over for some chat. Quality stuff, I will say. Hebrews 12 was mentioned. This is a time of discipline. Not because God is angry with me but because he loves me so much. It is in the desert that Moses heard directly from God, that miracles for survival were performed (manna and quail), water flowed from a rock, and where Jesus had some of his most intense encounters with the Father. It is in this place I am reminded that God is crazy about me, about us. He is pruning me. Painless, it is not. It says in verse 11 of Hebrews 12 that it would be painful; there is hope yet, it continues on to promise a harvest of righteousness and peace. Allow the training to takes its course. Endure hardships, to strengthen feeble arms and weak knees. I’ve got some (spiritual) muscle to build.

With all the walking I’m doing, I’m hoping to build some physical endurance and muscle as well. Can I get an “AMEN!”? -c

words still ringing in my head
13 April, 2010, 5:15 am
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I am so blessed to be a part of such a truth-seeking and spirit-lead congregation. I’m beginning to feel connected and once I join a ‘connect group’, even more so connected. Rick Godwin of The Summit in San Antonio, TX preached this past Sunday. I went to both the morning and the evening services…to be honest, I didn’t want to sit at the house all day so I went to church. Not too bad of a place to escape boredom, I think. In the morning service, He spoke on God’s principle of divine connection. We, and everything around us, were created for connection. It is important to be with people who want what you contain, to be with people going where you want to go. Psalm 68:6 says, “God sets the lonely in families…”. The word families in this particular scripture means ‘shelter’. Where there is community, there is asylum. Connection and placement are vital to this life to perform as God intended. So I will join a connect group to be planted, to flourish, to grow, to bear fruit. We are meant to experience life connected. Rick also mentioned Ruth and Naomi and the connection they had. Ruth says to Naomi, ” Don’t urge me to leave you or turn back from you. Where you go I go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” We must not tamper with God-designed connection.

The night service was high-energy, intense praise & worship; with that came great expectation for a life-changing message. Most of the college students and young people attend at night. Pastor Rick brought it again: We must live with knowing who we are__I AM__and what we are here to do__I MUST__. He opened saying, “Don’t live like a dipstick. Live BIG! God doesn’t put a limit on his plans for us so dream BIG.   Job 22:28 says,” What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways.” A life bathed in light. You decree it. God establishes it. You walk in favor. I AM establishes my identity. I MUST establishes my purpose. Who I am is a prerequisite of what I do. I MUST moves you from the complacent to the compelling; I MUST says I am living by conviction. You will see characters through the Bible living with I MUST in mind: Numbers 22:38, Job 32: 18-20, Luke 19:5, John 9:4. The things I say. The people I connect to. The places I go. The ministry I embrace. Every morning, I MUST ensures that I don’t begin my life in neutral that day. I will live in assurance that God will preserve me, persevere me and protect me to fulfill my ‘I MUST’.

What I MUST: preach the gospel to all nations, make disciples of all nations, set the captive free, help the poor, lighten the burden of the oppressed, laugh at the days to come, move, act, go, love.